The Art Show: Gotta Bring it!

flower girl

Artist Much?


There’s an art show coming up in Daytona. I submitted my application and found out yesterday I was accepted. I’m pleased, because it’s a competitive show to get into, and looks good for me when I’m applying to be in other shows.


I do hope it will be worth it. These shows are so much work! Getting all the paintings finished and framed is the biggest job, of course, but the show itself is work. Getting the booth set up in a way that will show off my work and also draw people in, physically being at the booth for three days, and then breaking the whole thing down.


I have to figure out different materials to use for the sides of the booth. Last time (Libby helped me) I used bamboo screens. They looked cool but turned out to be a pain in the ass because they weren’t really strong enough to hang the framed pictures on. They did hold up, but I kept wondering if I was going to turn around and see all my paintings in a pile on the ground. Libby was constantly checking the hooks to make sure they were secure.


I don’t want to deal with that again, but I do still want a backdrop that has an organic, natural feel. That’s very important to me since that’s what my paintings are about—landscapes that are mostly free of structures and the influence of man.


I’ve wondered about getting a bunch of thick bamboo (like two inches thick) poles and sinking them into the ground. Or stacking pallets in a tasteful way and draping them with burlap or hemp fabric or something.
Anyway, I’m thinking about that. Libby said she’d help me with this show, and she’s doing some research for me into booth options. Once we get something figured out, we have to get it approved. What a hassle. But I get it.


The show sponsors don’t want booths made of materials that don’t align with the overall image they’re trying to achieve.
The show is four months away. It’s a good amount of time. I have enough paintings now that could fill my booth as display pieces. What I’d like to add is more, simpler paintings that have a lower price-tag.


At the last show, those little 3×9 paintings of a single palm on a stained wood block sold like hot cakes. I want to crank out a bunch of those.


And then I’d like to do several bigger pieces with higher price tags. They’ll be copies of my personal paintings that people always comment on. That one I did of the Indian River with the little ramshackle building in the distance.


Or of the Canaveral seashore with a couple of sandpipers on the beach. Or the one of the mangrove swamps with the anhinga on a stump, wings spread out, drying.


So I have a lot to do in the next four months, with designing the booth, acquiring the materials for it, and producing paintings.
I’m going to start tonight!

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