About Shon

Hey there, I’m Shon. Let me head you off at the pass regarding my name. No, I didn’t mis-spell it. That’s my given name, and it’s spelled that way because my folks really like the name but thought that 1) the spelling S-h-a-w-n looked like a name for a girl, and 2) the spelling S-e-a-n looked like the name for a Brit. And since I am neither a girl nor a Brit, they came up with their own spelling, and that’s how I ended up with S-h-o-n.
Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, I’ll move on.
I’m just over 60. I’m educated and have owned my own landscape architecture business for about 30 years. I’m divorced but I’m dating my ex-wife and I keep hoping that one day she’ll agree to marry me again.
I’m an artist (painting), I love to run (long-distance), and riding (motorcycle) on the weekends brings me great pleasure.
I live in Orlando in a home I designed, but I despise the heat, so as much as possible, I escape to my home in Sun River. With my golden retriever, Moonshine. Sometimes by ex, Libby, comes with me.
This blog is my attempt, at this stage of my life, to set down some thoughts on paper (so to speak). To have a place to record them, share them, and in the process maybe even find parts of myself that I have buried or lost or forgotten.